Spring Cleaning: Benefits of Detailing Your Car Now

Spring cleaning is not just for your home. Your car needs a little love too! And with spring officially starting on March 20th, we wanted to share some ways you can give your vehicle a refresh just in time for the new season.

Taking Care Of The Exterior

You know how hard the winter months can be on your car, and it is probably covered in that thick dust that winter brings every year. While it might just look like dust, your vehicle is covered in road salt, mud, and lots of dirt. This can damage your vehicle if you do not wash your vehicle and get the proper treatments to protect your paint. Working with professionals like Authentic Auto Body will ensure that the exterior gets clean and those hard-to-reach places that a typical car wash can’t reach. 

High-Quality Ceramic Wax Treatments

While you get the exterior of your car cleaned, don’t forget the importance of getting a wax treatment for your vehicle. This will help keep your vehicle safe from future contaminants and give your car an unmatched glossy experience. We only use JADE Ceramic Coatings, which will provide 1-7 years of protection from UV rays and the corrosion of your car! This treatment will also help keep your car cleaner, with solid paint protection and a smooth finish.

Don’t Forget Your Interior!

Was the winter rough on your interior? All of the dirt, sand, and road salt can accumulate on your floorboards and fabric and require a good scrub down, vacuuming, and shampoo. Not to mention, dirt likes to hide in hard-to-reach areas, so getting a professional clean can ensure all the dust is banished for good.

We offer a complete detail service that will leave your car looking and smelling pristine and ready for your springtime adventures. In addition, we have many packages available for your individual needs and add-on services if you want a little something extra to treat your car. 

If you are ready for your car’s spring cleaning, contact us today to schedule your service, and we will be happy to answer any questions you have about the available detailing treatments. 

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