3 Fall Road Hazards to Avoid This Fall

fall road hazards

As summer turns into fall, there are some road hazards to watch out for. You probably plan on spending time in your car heading to make memories like apple picking, hiking, and everything else this time of year has to offer. Do you know the fall road hazards to watch out for? By keeping an eye out for potential hazards, you can avoid accidents and keep everyone safe on the road – including yourself. Let’s look at three common fall road hazards. 

Back To School 

It’s back to school time! Maybe you take your own kids to school or attend classes yourself. You know how busy this time of year can be, especially in the first few weeks. There are several hazards to watch out for. Many kids wait for the bus early in the morning, so keep an eye out as you head into work. Make sure to follow traffic rules and leave at least 20 feet of space behind a school bus if the red sign is out and the lights are flashing. A child could run out unexpectedly either in front or behind a bus. The risk for potential concerns like this increases as it gets dark earlier. Stay vigilant and be on the lookout for these risks on the road this fall.

Wet Leaves

Fall in New England is all about foliage. The stunning reds, yellows, and oranges against a bright blue sky are a gorgeous hallmark of this time of year. Unfortunately, the same beautiful leaves can also be a fall road hazard. When it rains, leaves get wet, which is especially problematic if it’s a large amount at once. The more wet leaves there are, the bigger the hazard. Wet leaves can be hard to see, especially once it gets dark. If your car slips on a pile of wet leaves, you might skid off the road. This can be dangerous both as a driver as well as for any pedestrians. Leaf piles can also hide animals or even children playing in them, so they pose a higher risk for those reasons as well.

Animal Crossing Road Hazards

Children and wet leaves aren’t the only concerns to face during autumn. Fall is when animals like deer go into their mating season and are most active. If you live in a heavily wooded or rural area, you likely have seen deer or moose crossing signs before. Pay close attention to these during autumn! Deer mating season starts in October and lasts until around January. Animals can jump out in front of you unexpectedly, especially if they are not aware of traffic patterns in your area. They are especially active around dusk to around 9 pm, when you’re less likely to see them due to lower visibility or even fatigue. Make sure to be cautious and ready to hit the brakes quickly if an animal makes an appearance during the fall months.

Be Prepared for Fall Road Hazards

Fall is a wonderful time in New England, but there are hazards to watch out for. We hope this post has given you some tips on how to stay safe on the road this season. If you find yourself in need of auto repairs, contact us today.

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