Winter Car Detailing

winter car detailing

Have you thought about winter car detailing? While you might think the spring and summer months are ideal for detailing your car, don’t forget about winter. The fact is that there are considerable hazards to look out for that come with the winter months that can make your car look and feel less than its best. This article will discuss three reasons to look into winter car detailing this season. 

Why Winter Car Detailing Helps

To keep your car in tip-top shape over the colder months, scheduling a car detailing appointment will help. You can find auto detailing packages to fit any budget and during any season at Authentic Auto Body. Of course, spring car detailing also has its benefits, but winter cleaning can protect and preserve your car from the season’s worst hazards. Here are some to watch out for. 

Road Salt

One of the most significant hazards to watch out for is road salt. Over the winter, snow plows and transportation departments put salt on the roads to prevent ice from sticking to the surface. While this is necessary to avoid accidents and other dangers, it can be less than ideal for the outside of your car. Salt residue easily sticks to the sides of your car doors, windows, and tires. This means buildup can tarnish your car’s exterior, making it look dull. 

Snow and Mud Tracks

It’s not just the external parts of the car you need to keep in mind. During the colder months, tracking snow and mud into your vehicle is easy. Even walking from your home to your car can bring snowy and icy dirt with you. Not only does this make the inside of the car look bad, but it can also add significant wear and tear to the different parts of your vehicle.

Freezing Temperatures

Temperatures can also negatively impact your car. Different vehicle parts can contract, expand, and shift in response when colder temperatures set in. This includes vinyl, leather, and even plastic components of the car. A winter car detail helps you avoid potential issues and ensure everything looks and works as it should, no matter the weather conditions.

Winter Car Detailing Solutions

A professional winter car detailing service will keep your vehicle looking as good as new throughout the season. Our detail service includes:

  • Exterior hand wash
  • Window cleaning
  • Tire and rims 
  • Buffing and polishing
  • Interior dusting 
  • Vacuum
  • Clay wax treatment
  • Rug and interior shampoo

At Authentic Auto Body, we cover all aspects of your vehicle to ensure it looks and feels in excellent condition. Our services provide solutions to any wintertime hassles. For example, if you regularly track snow in your vehicle, consider rug and interior shampoo to eliminate residue. Clay treatments remove the grime and gunk, including road salt, from the car’s outside. This is essential during the winter months to keep your car looking great. Even a simple exterior hand wash gives your vehicle a shiny boost throughout the season.

Don’t go through the winter months without getting your car detailed! Winter car detailing keeps your car looking shiny and clean and protects against harsh seasonal elements. Contact Authentic Auto Body today to book your winter car detail.

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