5 Tips To Prepare Your Car for a Summer Road Trip

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Summer is officially here and the perfect time to plan your next road trip. With so many fun destinations and possibilities, road trips are a growing choice for those traveling this summer. Before your wheels hit the road, it is important to ensure your car is safe and ready for a long trip. Therefore, we put together a quick guide so you can have a safe and fun drive.

Get a Tune-Up Before Your Road trip

It is important to check your car’s oil, belts, hoses, and other fluids before embarking on a road trip. Getting an oil change and a check-up will keep your car running efficiently for a long trip. If it’s been a while since your last oil change or your car is higher in miles, getting a tune-up can increase the longevity of your car and will help your car handle the added mileage of a long trip. 

Fix Your Windshield 

It’s easy to write off a chip or crack on your windshield, but there are dangers of having a broken windshield. Broken windshields can easily crack into harmful shards if you get in an accident or deal with harsh impact from a storm, potholes, and bumps in the road. There is also the risk of having a sun glare that makes it hard for you to concentrate on the road and see clearly. If you need a quick windshield repair before your trip, our team can help. We offer windshield replacement and repair, so you can safely take your car on the road and not worry about cracked glass or damage. 

Check Your Tires 

Don’t forget to check your tire pressure and tread before taking off on your summer trip. Inspect your tires and look for any bulges, cuts, or gouges on your tires. You should also check your tire pressure and inflate them based on your car’s recommended pressure guide that can be found on the inside frame of your driver’s door. While you are checking your tire pressure, don’t forget to check the tread of your tires as well. You can use a coin to check how much tread your tires still have remaining. If they are too low, it’s time to replace them. 

Double Check Your AC

Test your AC before your trip by taking a test drive with your air conditioner running at full blast. If you notice your AC is not staying as cool as usual, it might be time to take it in for repair before your trip. 

Stock Your Emergency Kit

It’s always smart to pack an emergency kit for your drive. We recommend a first aid kit, fresh batteries, flashlight, water, snacks, gloves, spare tire, and car battery cables.

A summer road trip is the ultimate way to enjoy the new season. We hope you have safe travels, and if you have any car concerns before your trip, we can help. Just give us a call today and get your car road-trip ready.

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