Pothole Season: What You Need to Know

It’s almost spring, which means we can say goodbye to the snow, and say hello to pothole season. Pothole season follows winter because they are formed when water freezes and expands.

We tend to see the most damage during this time, including bent wheels, tire damage, and of course, misalignment. Here are a few ways you can protect your vehicle from potholes this spring.

1.) Keep Your Tires Inflated

Check the tire specs on your door jamb to ensure that your tires are filled correctly. This will help create a buffer if you drive over a pothole.

2.) Slow Down Your Speed

Potholes can be anywhere and, at times, might be hard to see until you feel your car dip and drive over them. Slow down your speed and avoid slamming on the brakes when you see a pothole. 

3.) Watch Out For Deep Potholes

It’s hard to estimate if a pothole is deep or not, especially if it is full of water. So always assume a pothole is deep when you see one and drive accordingly. 

4.) Keep An Eye On Your Suspension

If you notice some shaking when you drive, bring it in for an inspection. Your suspension is an essential part of protecting your car from damage, especially regarding potholes. 

5.) Watch Your Distance With Other Cars

Be sure to keep plenty of space between you and other cars to more easily spot potholes coming up on the road.What To Look For If You Think a Pothole Has Damaged Your Car

If you hit a pothole and think your car might have sustained some damage, here are a few things to look out for. We also offer repair services and can help if your car is damaged from potholes. 


Check your tires, are they deflated? Do the tires have any cracks, or do you see dents in the rims? 


If you notice your car pulling to one side or feel shaking, you might have an alignment issue. 


Check for leaks after you park your car. This could indicate that you have damage in your undercarriage and need to bring your vehicle in.


If your car is making odd noises, including sounds coming from your exhaust, you might have some damage you need to have checked out.

Ultimately pothole season can be a pain, but follow these easy steps to keep your car running its best. And for the times your car needs some professional help, we are always here for your auto care needs.

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