Lease Clean-Up

Coming to the end of your auto lease?


The value of your vehicle can decrease if it is dirty and unmaintained.


When you return your leased vehicle, your lease company or a subcontractor will carry out a lease return inspection to assess damage and wear for which you will be charged. Leasing companies also look at small scratches and stone chips when you return the vehicle and may be subject to an extra charge. Our lease return package is highly recommended to help save you any out of pocket costs these companies might try to charge you otherwise.

LEASE CLEAN-UP lease vehicle clean up


The ideal way to return a leased car is pristine condition, both inside and out. Before getting the vehicle inspected, first go through and clean out all of your belongings. Then throw away any trash and thoroughly vacuum the interior. Clean the dash and any other hard surfaces with car wipes. Be sure to look at the interior from multiple angles — standing just outside each door entrance — to ensure you don’t miss any spots. Once you’ve finished with the interior, get the vehicle’s exterior washed prior to inspection.

LEASE CLEAN-UP 02 lease vehicle clean up


While you are cleaning you are cleaning, you’re likely to notice minor damage on your vehicle. If any of these small areas meet the automaker’s definition of “excessive wear,” you could incur serious fees. However, it’s possible to fix some of these issues before the inspection. Focus on areas like tires, glass, and bumpers first. Then move on to the paint job and use touch-up paint directly from the manufacturer to ensure you get a match when covering up those dings. We will make sure your car appears as if it came right off the showroom floor.