What Happens When I Get into an Accident


So you’ve just gotten into an accident. Now what? Authentic Auto Body has come up with a comprehensive guide on how to ensure your legal and physical safety.

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The first thing you should do when you get into a motor vehicle accident is remain calm. Make sure you are at a safe place to stop and do so, signal on your emergency lights (hazards), and watch for oncoming traffic.

Never apologize. Fault is determined by the police. Saying sorry to the other party can imply fault. If you want to say something, ask if everyone is okay.

Contact authorities, anyone from an ambulance to your company. If someone is injured; call an ambulance, if you are in a company vehicle; call your supervisor and let them know.

See if anyone around is willing to offer witness statements, collect their information to provide to the police.

Similarly, exchange information with the other party. Get each other’s drivers license and registration.

If the other party does not want the police involved and you agree, have them sign that they are waiving any blame. If you get your car repaired or detailed at Authentic Auto Body we provide you with a booklet that contains a section for this. It states “I hereby release & exonerate (fill in your name) and his/her employer, from any fault or liability for the accident involving the undersigned today at (fill in location)”.

Lasty, notify your insurance company.

Authentic Auto Body deals with collision repair and insurance companies every day. Let us take care of the hassle for you!

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