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Why You Need To Add Rental

Coverage To Your Car Insurance

Insurance: a necessary evil. While there is a good chance you will never need it or use it, the idea of needing it and not having it is even worse… a nightmare even. While there are plenty of car insurance companies to choose from and even more plans, there is one thing that you should always add on regardless, and that is rental coverage.

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After you choose Authentic Auto Body, your car will be repaired and the type of repair that will be made, you can start to estimate how long it will take in total. You can call the mechanic or your insurance agent to find more information on the status of your repairs. Remember that an estimate is just that. Your car may end up being repaired much more quickly than first expected, but you should also be prepared to wait longer.

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If your car breaks down, car insurance will not cover the costs of a rental car. However, rental reimbursement coverage helps to pay for the cost of a rental car or alternate transportation after a covered claim. … Sometimes called rental car coverage, this is an optional coverage that typically has limits. In the end, you & your family will be much happier knowing you have a rental car waiting for you! Take this into strong consideration!

In the event of an accident, when you need to get your car repaired it takes time. Today’s cars are highly intricate machines that require a lot of time and testing to fix.

Here at Authentic Auto Body the average repair time for a vehicle is two to three weeks.

That is a significant amount of time to be without a vehicle or a reliable source of transportation and can make simple tasks such as getting groceries or getting to work seem like a tremendous hassle.

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Luckily at Authentic Auto Body we have our own fleet of rental cars that are here for customers in that exact circumstance. The best feeling for us is when we get to put you in a car for free and send your insurance company the bill. 

Rental insurance is one of the least expensive add-ons to any plan. On average it tacks on an extra $50 a year, which is equivalent to $0.13 a day, without it, you could be looking at paying upwards of $50 a day. Don’t let finding an affordable rental car be another headache for you in the aftermath of a collison. For pennies on the dollar a day, give yourself the piece of mind of knowing you are covered for when you will need it most.

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At Authentic Auto Body we always tell our customers that we work for THEM, we do NOT work for insurance companies. This is not an advertisement, no one is telling us to say this, we are saying this because we are professionals in this industry.

We have been around long enough to see and hear the things that benefit customers versus hurt them. This is something we firmly believe every customer should be aware of and have.

If you need any assistance in finding rental coverage, please reach out to us by email, telephone, or any of our social media platforms and we would be happy to assist you.

Authentic Auto Body is an experienced local auto body shop providing professional auto body and repair services to clients in Holliston MA and the surrounding towns. Here at Authentic Auto Body, our mission is to provide high quality, convenient and comprehensive auto repair, along with the very best in customer service. We want to make the process as easy as possible for you. We can even set up a rental car with your insurance company so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

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