Suburban Driving Tips

suburban driving tips

For many of us, most of our time is spent driving through Holliston, Medway, Ashland, and other surrounding towns.  Even if you commute into Boston or Worcester, you likely participate in suburban driving most of the time. There are unique concerns suburban driving tips to remember while driving in Holliston, Medway and other surrounding towns.

Suburbs vs. Rural and City Driving

Anyone who drives in both the city and the suburbs understands the differences. For example, driving in Boston can be dangerous because of the populated streets, ample pedestrians, and other factors. The same is true in the suburbs like Holliston, where there is more space but still enough people to create safety concerns and traffic buildups. Rural areas have other precautions like speed traps and more wildlife.

Precautions to Watch Out For

Here is a list of potential hazards when driving through Holliston or a surrounding community.

  • Stop-and-go traffic in heavily congested areas
  • Increased traffic volume at peak times like rush hour
  • Pedestrians and bikes, particularly with the arrival of spring
  • School buses and zones
  • Possible construction and tree work in already busy locations

Suburban Driving Tips

The following are some important tips for driving in the suburbs.

Drive at a Steady Pace

The best plan against potential hazards in Holliston is to drive steadily. This means avoiding accelerating and braking quickly and aggressively. Not only does this protect you against sudden concerns like crossing pedestrians, but it also helps preserve fuel and keeps your car running smoothly.

Plan for Traffic

Suburban driving involves more traffic. As you plan your daily routes, remember to factor in congested areas and traffic lights. Add some time and leave earlier if needed.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

Pedestrians and bikes are much more common in the suburbs than in rural areas. This is especially true as the weather warms up and people spend more time outside. Keep an eye out for pedestrians in crosswalks in case someone suddenly tries to cross the street. Share the road with bikers and be aware of the proper signals.

School Bus Laws

Another important aspect of driving in Holliston and surrounding areas is paying attention to school bus laws. Keep a distance of 100 feet behind school buses to accommodate for turns and other traffic conditions. Never pass a stopped school bus with a flashing “STOP” sign.  This indicates that students are entering or exiting. Do this when a bus stops on either side of the street.

Speed Limits and School Zones

Similar to bus laws, know the school zone areas in your town. At peak times, like the beginning and end of the school day, speed limits are restricted to 20 mph. Crossing guards are also often present at busy crosswalks. In other areas, speed limits can vary. It’s a good idea to stick to driving around 25-35 mph in heavily populated suburbs if not otherwise dictated.
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