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Us New Englanders are accustomed to driving in all sorts of conditions and climates, however, did you know that statistically the Summer is one of the most dangerous seasons to drive? With more people taking trips, more teenagers out of school and on the roads, parties, and holidays it can be a recipe for disaster if you do not take proper precautions and remain alert.

Here are some tips to take before, during, and after any lengthy car rides this Summer to keep you and others safe!


Schedule a check up for your car. Check your fluid levels: brakes, automatic transmission, power steering, windshield washer fluid and coolant. Make sure to also check your tires and to have a spare.

Make sure you are travelling with all records and documentation necessary. This includes current documentation of license, registration, or insurance.

Consider downloading entertainment. For the front of the car this should be limited to music and podcasts but for passengers and any little ones, you can download movies and shows right from Netflix so that they can still play without service or an internet connection. Additionally, don’t forget to pack some chargers!

Plan your route in advance. Decide if you want to take highways or back roads and know the pros and cons of each. Also consider leaving at times when there is less traffic such as late nights or early mornings.

Prepare an emergency kit. Include jumper cables, blankets, extra wiper fluid, flashlight, cell phone chargers, and even a flare. Also include a paper map or paper directions in case your GPS doesn’t have service or fails.


Know when you need a break. Never drive tired. If you are the only driver, pull over and take a break whether it be for a power nap or the night, because driving tired is just as dangerous as driving drunk. If you have other drivers consider taking turns while the others sleep.

Use an application such as Waze to avoid high-congestion traffic. Stay off of your mobile device.

Make sure you and everyone in the vehicle is buckled and that any children’s car or booster seats are secured.

Top off your gas tank everytime you stop, especially if you do not know the area or where the next rest stop will be.


Park in a shady or covered area to avoid exposing your car to extreme heat if not necessary. The high temperatures can wreak havoc on your engine, tires, and battery. Make sure your lights are off and your doors are locked.

We wish you a safe and happy Summer and hope that you find adventure whether it be around the world or in your own backyard.

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