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When most people think of getting their vehicle detailed, they think of it as a luxury experience, something to only be done on special occasions. However, getting a detail is so much more than simply vacuuming out old crumbs and dirt or sticking some wax on the hood. There are many benefits to detailing that can actually improve the longevity of your vehicle and improve your own health!


The first benefit of getting your vehicle detailed is having it professionally disinfected. Deep cleaning your vehicle has always been one of our top priorities, but with the COVID-19 pandemic, it became crucial. Each vehicle is thoroughly disinfected and sanitized before being returned to the customer.

Removes Allergens

The second benefit of getting your vehicle detailed is that the deep cleaning of the interior and exterior removes any allergens that are out of sight but still being breathed in through the vents by the driver.

Removes/Prevents Pests (Mice, Bugs, Ants, etc.)

Especially going into the wintertime, small critters such as mice and squirrels may find your vehicle’s engine a nice warm place to sleep or even build a nest. The unfortunate part is that you usually do not know they have done so until you turn on your vents and smell an awful odor that you cannot get rid of.

Cleaner Windows Prevent Sun Glare

Having your windows professionally cleaned eliminates any streakiness or build up, giving you perfectly clear windows. The slightest impurity in a windshield can be amplified ten-fold with sun glare, even worse when the sun glares off of the snow.

Cleaner Headlights Improve Visibility at Night

Having your headlights professionally cleaned— or better yet— finding out they need to be replaced and doing that can help improve your visibility at night.

Paint Protection

Adding some sort of paint protection service to your detail will help protect your vehicle’s exterior. When we apply new sealants and coatings, your vehicle will be able to chip and peel less when coming into contact with elements and debris while also keeping shine.

Improves Resale Value

Getting your vehicle routinely detailed and keeping it cleaned inside and out will make sure that it is kept looking nice (upholstery, no stains, clean, etc.) while cleaning the engine will help it run better, and cleaning the exterior will help cut down on wear and tear from elements and debris.

Additionally, winter in New England IS coming. For further protection from the elements you could consider a ceramic coating. Ceramic coating is comparable to a glass shield of armor that gets placed over your vehicle. It is hydrophobic and repels water, snow, and slush. Ceramic coating packages last for years as opposed to a detail that offers protection for months.

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