How to Protect Your Car Against the Harsh Winter Elements

Winter can be tough on your vehicle, and keeping your car protected during the harsh winter months is essential if you want to keep your vehicle in excellent condition. Here are a few of our top tips to protect your vehicle and keep it looking brand new (even during snowy months).

1.) Wash your car regularly.

While this might sound counterintuitive, keeping your car clean protects it from salt damage, reduces tire wear and tear, and also keeps your windows clean and safe. We also offer car detailing for the inside of your car to protect it from salt, snow, and other damage. 

2.) Avoid driving in large puddles.

While it might seem simple enough to drive through a puddle, they can be filled with salt, dirt, and other foreign objects. In addition, potholes can cause significant damage to your car, so just drive around them.

3.) Avoid driving in deep snow. 

Don’t get stranded in the snow. Driving in deep snow can create significant damage to your exhaust system. Not to mention it can cause rust and packed snow in your tires, causing your car to shake. 

4.) If possible, park in a garage or covered space.

If you can avoid parking your car on the street directly exposed to the winter elements, then that’s ideal. This will protect your car from rust and winter damage. 

5.) Keep your exhaust pipe clear.

This tip is not only for keeping your car protected but also for you. A covered exhaust pipe can create carbon monoxide inside your car, which can be extremely dangerous. So always double-check your exhaust before driving. 

6.) Only use your ice scraper on the windows.

While it can be tempting to use your ice scraper on the rest of your car, that can cause scratches and damage to your paint. While ice can create damage, the tools you use will most likely generate more.

These tips will help you keep your car safe and damage-free this winter. And if you need any detailing, repair, or windshield repair, we are here to help! 

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